Mark your calendars!

Happy Shopping!


Bazaar Love at the World Trade


This is why we love Christmas.

Bazaar Love at the World Trade Center!!!



Great Everyday Deals

What happens when you’ve got no projects to finish? We call it “petiks” mode. And what happens on a “petiks” moment? You get to see cool discounts and freebies online!

Simply log on to and subscribe. They’ve got great deals to offer you everyday! What’s also great about this is you can send it as a gift to a friend. Hassle-free. Now, that’s a grrrreat deal!


Pizza Hut’s LECHON Pizza

Pizza Hut treats Filipinos to an advanced Christmas fiesta. Topping off Pizza Hut’s Classic Crust is layer after layer of traditional lechon sauce, premium lechon meat, delectable cheese, and garlic roasted to sweetness. Finishing it off with a generous portion of that wonderfully crispy balat ng lechon PizzaHut’s Lechon Pizza is a truly appetizing gourmet fare.

I don’t know about you guys, but this is a bit weird for me. I like pizza and lechon but not together… though I have yet to try. Or, you could just leave a comment here so I’d know if it’s a must-try. Thanks! 🙂


WANTED: Gimikeros and Chizmosas!

Hi everyone.

I have been blogging for years now. I have 3 different blogs (and yes, they’re all up and running), which mainly focuses on my personal life alone. And no one really cares but me. hahaha! And so, I’ve decided to start a new blog. A real-not-self-centered kind of blog. Which will feature mostly events and shops, restaurants, and almost anything that’ll make the readers excited and come back for more.

So, if you’re a gimikero/gimikera and a chizmoso/chizmosa, you’re exactly what I’m looking for. I need contributors for this blog. Write about anything you want (but of course, I’ll filter the entries first), music, movies, books, fashion, arts. This is not just mine. It’s ours. Everyone’s welcome to say/ feature what they want. Positive and negative comments/suggestions are very much welcome.

So, what are you waiting for? Go out. Have fun. And write about it.

Have a happy life!