Ayala Triangle “Foodpark”

Oh, happy days! Today is December 1, and Christmas is fast approaching…

A few months back, when I was still a running enthusiast, the Ayala Triangle Gardens is the best place to jog. It’s a spacious green field in the heart of Makati along Ayala Avenue. I remember resting under a tree, catching my breath, thinking “I want to eat. But all of the restaurants are on the other side of the street!” I don’t know if other joggers think that too. Anyways, that was then. And now, just in time for the holiday season, they’ve opened up a stretch of restos. Oh yeah, foodies, we’ve got a new restaurants’ galore! To top it off, Ayala never fails to amaze me with their Christmas designs and play of lights. It’s like they brought Enchanted Kingdom and Serendra together.

We were supposed to eat at Banapple. But as expected, we would have to wait on a loooong line to be seated, and we are starving.


We decided to try BFast instead. Apparently, they serve “real” Angus Beef Tapas, and boy oh boy, are we glad we ate there! It was not bad at all. Serving breakfast for dinner. (BFast is owned by Chef Rolando Laudico, so his TVC’s are continuously being shown on their LCD screen.)

Other famous restaurants such as Bon Chon and Omakase opened up their Ayala branches here as well. Soon to open: Amici, Momo Cafe, and The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf.

I really love what they did here. The only downside is they close early at 10:00 p.m., and the security is stricter now. I just hope they maintain the cleanliness of the place.You can bring your family and friends here. It was the first time I actually saw kids around this area. Spending time here with your loved ones is a great way to start the month of Christmas.




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